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About the Board

Woodside Trails Condominium Association is managed by a five-member, duly elected, Board of Directors.  These individuals are unpaid volunteers who offer their time and skills in managing the Association's affairs, and act as the executive Board of the Association which is a registered not-for-profit entity in the State of Missouri.

Members of the Board of Directors serve three (3) year terms, each year an election is held at which the Owners of all Units are allowed to run for a position on the Board, and vote for any candidate who is nominated to run.  Owners who run for a seat on the Board must be fully paid in their assessments and in compliance with all rules and regulations as defined by the Association's governing documents and official policies.  During elections, each Unit has one (1) vote, regardless of how many individuals own the Unit.  Elections are held on the first Monday in June of each year.

The Board is assisted in managing the operations of the community by a professional Community Association Manager, Jeff Strauser with AMC Management, LLC.  Jeff's role is to handle day-to-day affairs, act as the primary point of contact for all inquiries in regards to the Association, and provide expert advice and administrative service to the Board in order to ensure the community is properly managed and well maintained.  The goal of the Board and the Community Manager is to effectively uphold the governing documents in the interest of maintaining and improving the community for the benefit of all Owners and their property values.

Should you have any questions, please contact AMC Management, LLC at 314-291-1450.

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